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Ainola is located close to Lake Tuusula in Järvenpää. It was the home of Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904. Jean and Aino Sibelius lived at Ainola until the end of their lives: Jean died at Ainola in 1957, Aino in 1969. After their parents’ death, the couple’s daughters sold Ainola to the Finnish State in 1972. Currently Ainola is a special museum under the auspices of the National Board of Antiquities. The Ainola Foundation administers the property in this capacity.

Address: Ainolankatu, 04400 Järvenpää

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Aino hall is located in Central Uusimaa Music Institute.

The address to the Music Institute is Kirkkotie 49, Tuusula.



Pekka Halonen is one of the most beloved artists of the ‘Golden Era’ of Finnish art. A versatile artist and master portrayer of Finnish landscapes and people, he absorbed the latest international trends and ingeniously applied these to the depiction of Finnish nature. The countryside around Lake Tuusula provided him with a rich source of ideas and inspiration, and it was there that Halonen developed the distinctive style for which he is renowned. Today a museum.
Every year the museum hosts 4-5 theme exhibitions showcasing Halonen’s art side by side with the work of his contemporaries and later generations of artists up to the present day.

Address Halosenniementie 4-6, 04310 Tuusula
Entrance fee
tel. +358 9 8718 3461

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Concert- and conference center was built in 1987. The Sibelius-hall acoustic design was made by Alpo Halme. In addition to the concert hall, you will find an art exhibition, lunch restaurant and the Järvenpää tourist info. Next to Järvenpää-house lies a library and newly renovated Järvenpää art museum.

Address: Hallintokatu 4, 04400 Järvenpää

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Kallio-Kuninkala, Leonora-sali


Paloheimo family mansion is today a concert centrum for Sibelius Academy, as well as the heart of Our festival. The upper level of the old barn is restaured into a beautiful modern chamber music hall.

Address: Ristinummentie 6, 04400 Järvenpää


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Kellokosken sairaala, juhlasali


Keski-Uusimaa -lehden toimitus


Krapin Paja


Address: Krapi’s Paja, Rantatie 2, Tuusula

Krapi’s Paja is a new music and event venue in Tuusula. It organizes variety of music and theatre clubs, shows and art events. In Krapi’s club evenings you can also enjoy delicacies and fine drinks provided by Krapi.

Krapi’s Paja is located on the east shore of Tuusula Lake, at the intersection of Tuusula Lake Road and Tuusula Highway (145).



Villa of painter Eero Järnefelt is nowadays a private home.

Parking at Seurakuntaopisto.

Address: Suviranta, Eero Järnefelt’s atelier, Järvenpää.

Tuusulan kirkko


Beautiful cross-shaped wooden church was built in 1734.

Address: Kirkkotie 34, Tuusula

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Photos: Maarit Kytöharju / Our Festival