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KOTI Sleepover, Helsinki

Linda Bergroth / Suomi 100 / Paris
Linda Bergroth / Suomi 100 / Paris

KOTI is an art and design installation conceived by Linda Bergroth for the Finnish institute in Paris. Originally set as a popup livable installation inside the Finnish institute in Paris for a 100 days in spring 2017, KOTI is coming to Helsinki this summer.

The responsible producer of KOTI is The Finnish institute in Paris / Suomen Ranskan instituutti, a non-profit cultural association supporting and promoting Finnish culture.

KOTI is an immersive experience into Finnish hospitality and cottage culture as well as an exhibition showcasing Finnish knowhow in design and architecture.

KOTI Sleepover
16.8. – 17.9.2017
Sofiankatu 4, Torikorttelit, 00170, Helsinki

Ruutikellari, Suomenlinna, Helsinki


Originally, Suomenlinna was equipped with several gunpowder magazines for protecting the gunpowder from moisture and enemy fire. One of the two remaining magazines has been transformed into a banquet facility.

The Gunpowder Magazine has no windows and is the perfect place to enjoy parties and meetings without the constant ringing of cell phones, as they do not work in the facility due to the thick earth roof. The entrance to the hall is through an old, narrow defence passage. The other defence passage hosts a small kitchen. The hall itself is a tall, brick-built barrel vault. Technical and electrical connections were installed under the planching during the renovation work.

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Tenalji von Fersen, Suomenlinna, Helsinki


With its handsome vaulted halls, the Tenalji von Fersen in the inner bastion ring of Suomenlinna is one of the most valuable buildings on the island. Tenalji von Fersen is located on Suomenlinna’s Susisaari island, next to the dry dock.

The renovated banquet hall is located in the old granary of the fortification’s bakery, built in 1775. The rough, lively tile vaults and grand windows of the hall give the space a unique atmosphere. Tenalji von Fersen is suitable for festive events, concerts and conferences alike. 200 people can be seated for dinner.

The main hall is divided by tall arches, providing a natural division into different areas for dining and organising the entertainment, for instance. Tables and chairs are not pre-arranged, and furnishing for the area can be ordered separately at an additional charge. The lighting in the hall can be dimmed and the windows are equipped with blinds. A grand piano is available at an additional charge. The toilet facilities and a storage space for the use of customers are located in the opposite bastion Seth. The banquet hall is accessible by wheelchair via a special lift.

The smaller Myllysali hall, located in the same building, can be booked in connection with the Tenalji von Fersen, allowing the organisation of large events. Moving between the two halls is easy through the connecting Leipomo and Korppukuivaamo corridors.

Porkkalan lukio


Haltia-sali, Suomen luontokeskus Haltia, Espoo

Kuva: Mika Huisman
Kuva: Mika Huisman

Haapajärven kyläkirkko, Veikkola

Haapajärven kirkko, Kirkkonummi
Haapajärven kirkko, Kirkkonummi

Inkoon kirkko, Inkoo


Paavolan tammi, Lohjansaari


Seurantalo, Lohjansaari


Seuraintalo Lukaali, Fiskars


Logistiikkahalli, Kera, Espoo


Kuparipaja, Fiskars


Halosenniemi, Tuusulanjärvi


Pekka Halonen is one of the most beloved artists of the ‘Golden Era’ of Finnish art. A versatile artist and master portrayer of Finnish landscapes and people, he absorbed the latest international trends and ingeniously applied these to the depiction of Finnish nature. The countryside around Lake Tuusula provided him with a rich source of ideas and inspiration, and it was there that Halonen developed the distinctive style for which he is renowned. Today a museum.
Every year the museum hosts 4-5 theme exhibitions showcasing Halonen’s art side by side with the work of his contemporaries and later generations of artists up to the present day.

Address Halosenniementie 4-6, 04310 Tuusula
Entrance fee
tel. +358 9 8718 3461

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Photos: Maarit Kytöharju / Our Festival